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****************** 系列及未完成/Series and WIP ******************

之一:The Things Gentlemen Don't Do  

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:7607)

First rule of action movie logic; check the body. Because if you don't check the body to make sure they're really dead, then the rules of movie logic says you deserve the knife that ends up in your back when you turn around. A villain who was a little less squeamish of blood would have known that.

Valentine doesn't check the body, and Harry lives. This, perhaps unsurprisingly, creates a whole new set of problems for Eggsy, whose got a few…ungentleman-like urges when it comes to his mentor. Or, the one where Eggsy doesn't get to watch Pretty Woman until after he realizes he's living it. Harry/Eggsy, Movie Fix-it.

之二:Piano Man 

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:2568)

To say that Harry's first thought upon seeing Eggsy at the police station was how perfectly lovely he'd look spread out on Harry's sheets would be a lie. Harry, after all, is a gentleman; first and foremost, he thought of Eggsy as a young man with great potential, and of his wish to honour his father's sacrifice and cultivate said potential.

That his second thought upon seeing him were the sounds Eggsy would make while Harry fucked him is really besides the point. The Pretty Woman quip really was quite revealing, in retrospect.

Or, the one where there is fucking on a piano. Harry/Eggsy, PWP. Second in my Pretty Gentleman series.

第一篇Eggsy POV:Eggsy一直对Harry不能自拔但是完全没意识到Harry也对他抱有一样的感情——被妒火中烧的Harry和某一天终于被点醒的Eggsy,以及各种《窈窕淑女》《漂亮女人》梗……

第二篇Harry POV:两人在一起之后的肉,Pretty Woman里的钢琴play,道具play。



(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:dom/sub undertones 字数:3622)

Eggsy goes into withdrawal without Harry's touch.

之二:Tiny Dancer (WIP)

(分级:Explicit 警告:crossdressing变装 字数:2629)

Eggsy goes undercover as a stripper, lapdances for Harry, and discovers more about his sexuality than he ever expected.


He Won't Write You Letters Full of Excuses by stormboxx (WIP)

(分级:Mature 警告:无 字数:WIP)

Harry has just offered to teach Eggsy how to make a proper martini. After the fourth one, he offers to teach him a proper slow dance as well.


****************** 肉/Explicit Rated and PWP ****************** 


Lots of Lost Time by Yessydo 

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:1626)

A year after his "death", Harry is reunited with Eggsy, who has some strong feelings on the matter.

一年后某天Harry出现在Kingsman Tailors,两人啪啪啪

Lets Sell It by Galahard 

(分级:Explicit 警告:semi-public sex 字数:2024) 

Harry and Eggsy go undercover and have to pretend to be gay. They have to sell it for the mission and so smut happens.


An Education Of Sorts by j_gabrielle 

(分级:Explicit 警告:daddy kink, panty kink 字数:1730)

'Idiot.' Harry thinks fondly, draping himself over Eggsy's body. "Does this," He begins, arranging his erection to rest at the crease of Eggsy's arse, "reflect that thought in any way?"

蕾丝内内play,镜子play,daddy kink……PWP

Of match-making super villains and sex pollen by lozinja 

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:1954)

"I have graciously decided to grant you the privilege of being the first recipients of my little… concoction."

Sex-pollen fic, PWP

Paints A Dirty Picture by aerospaces

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:2176)

For this prompt on the kingsman kinkmeme: Harry bends Eggsy over the desk in his office.


Go For the Heart by Sexxica

(分级:Explicit 警告:former rentboy!Eggsy, daddy kink 字数:4781) 

Eggsy hasn't been coping well with Harry's death ... but it's even worse when he finds out Harry is miraculously still alive. A forced confrontation and an accidental admission might just fix everything though. 

Emotional constipation induced PWP

Wrinkle by TheMadKatter13

(分级:Mature 警告:Sex Toy, Light Dom/Sub 字数:433)

Temptation is too hard to resist. For both of them.


Little House by aerospaces

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:1483)

Harry's life is changed. It's not dramatic but it's noticeable enough that Harry wakes one day, blinking at the weight of a leg slung across his waist.


under my skin (tried so not to give in) by venvephe

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:12623)

This is a monumentally bad idea, Eggsy realizes, in the fraction of a second between reaching out and tugging at Harry's tie and seeing his eyes briefly widen before their lips meet.

Or: snogging is a great distraction technique for hiding in plain sight from your enemies. It is decidedly not great for hiding your growing, uh, interest in your secret service colleague.


Considerably Less Cannibalism by LizaPod

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:6072)

It is a real, physical struggle to not stare like a dogger while Harry shrugs off his jacket and undoes his collar, sets his signet ring aside. He has detailed, minutely detailed, fantasies about unbuttoning that fucking collar. At least he's not wearing the holster right now, or Eggsy'd be sprung already. “It's time you learned the fine art of the straight razor shave.”

Eggsy gives him his best you havin' a fucking giggle, mate eyebrows. “Like Sweeney Todd?”

Harry's sigh is just bordering on melodramatic, but he's also got that odd— Roxy calls it enigmatic—smile he gets when Eggsy trots out some unexpected bit of culture. "Yes, Eggsy, like Sweeney Todd."


mock the meat it feeds on by covetsubjugation

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:5042) 

He wants Eggsy to be the last thing he sees at night and the first thing he sees in the morning. He wants to be the one Eggsy comes home to every day.He wants to be the one on the receiving end of Eggsy's flirting, not just during a mission but every day. He wants to know everything about Eggsy. He wants Eggsy to know everything about him.

Fuckity fuckity fuck.

He's in love.

(Harry POV,嫉妒的男人真可怕咳咳。)

Handler by Galahard

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:12272) 

It seemed obvious to Eggsy that he'd be the next Galahad after he successfully offed Valentine. When an agent forces Merlin to stick to the test and refuses to let go of the fact that Eggsy didn't pass, Eggsy finds himself in a different position at Kingsman than he'd originally planned.


A Gentlemen is Adaptable, Patient, and Prepared by A_bit_not_good_yeah

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:5905)

"You want me to wha'?"

"Seduce me. What part of that was unclear?" Harry stared down at him coolly.

During the 24 hours they have to spend together before Eggsy's final test, Harry asks Eggsy to practice his seduction skills, and things go awry. On top of Harry's desk.


You ''lift'' me up by EggMuffin

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:2234)

''A gentleman should be prepared for any occasion, including an indecent fuck in a lift, but alas, I am not,'' Harry says and is very pleased when his words elicit a small gasp from his partner.

电梯play PWP

****************** ABO ****************** 


The Gentleman's Guide to Heat by azrielen  

(分级:Explicit 警告:non-explicit attempted gang-rape/non-con 字数:3088)

Eggsy isn't surprised by the fact that the Kingsman appear to be nearly all alphas.

Eggsy is an omega, then he's a Kingsman, and no two heats are alike.




****************** One-Shots ****************** 


The Pieces Fit by Galahard 

(分级:Mature 警告:Dark!Harry 字数:2142)

Tumblr Prompt for dark/villian Harry. This was my take on it, from Eggsy's POV.


Little changes by Halliah

(分级:Mature 警告:无 字数:2361)

After saving the world one would guess that they got a break. Unfortunately the Kingsman was in a terrible state, without Arthur, Galahad and with a new, inexperienced Lancelot, there was a lot to do.

Two idiots in love!

Rated R for Explicit Language by MyLeatherCouch (stereokem)stereokem

(分级:Mature 警告:explicit language 字数:4377) 

Gary "Eggsy" Unwin had a filthy fucking mouth.

(Fortunately, so did Harry Hart).


my old man is a bad man by eversincewefellapart 

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:platonic daddy kink 字数:3622) 

"Why've I got to be the rentboy?" Eggsy scowls. "How come I can't be the billionaire and Harry the rentboy?" // In which the Kingsmen go undercover at a casino, Eggsy nearly gets wedded in Texas, and Harry becomes a dad. Kind of.


stand back on the edge of your voice by fideliant

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:Angst, Major Character Injury 字数:8308) 

After getting injured on a joint mission with Harry, Eggsy wakes up.

Only he doesn't. Not exactly.


embrace an empty space by fideliant

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:Angst 字数:3016) 

What a funny word to use, Eggsy thinks. Loss, like Harry's not dead, like he's still waiting to be found.


Your Theories Catch Fire by plinys

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:Underage smoking 字数:1313)

“Those things will kill you."

“Yeah, and this won't?”


I'd Follow You Down, Down, Down by Vacilando

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:Dark!Harry 字数:4928)

'Yeah', he thought to himself, his wrist almost smarting where Harry grasped it in a surprisingly strong grip despite having just woken up from a coma. 'Something's off'.

(And I don't know how you get over someone as dangerous, tainted and flawed as you)


(黑化Harry警告,结局超棒!配合和Million Dollar Man (Lana Del Rey)食用~)

****************** Fluff/Humour ****************** 

Kingsman: The Misadventures Edition by LazyBaker 

 (分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:无 字数:8518)

A deleted scene where Eggsy is injected with a serum that makes him say everything that's on his mind and he literally cannot stop talking about how amazing Harry is while Harry watches on both horrified and utterly smitten.




so, you've saved the world by kuro49 

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:841)

Still. That is Harry fucking Hart lying on the bed.

萌!吐槽那件红色睡袍+1,Pretty Woman reference +1

Just a Number by treez_r_green

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:929) 

Michelle wants to know exactly what is going on between her son and the posh bloke twice his age who's always hanging 'round.


That Kid In Class You Can't Stand Coz You Think His Dad Knows Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Someone by j_gabrielle

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:1313)

“Isn't nepotism something that happens with family? So are you saying that this is an incestuous relationship now?”

"Shut up, Sarah."

梅林把Eggsy安插在新进特工候选之中——结果她们觉得梅林和Eggsy有一腿:"I'll bet you my mother's flat in Mayfair that he's totally shagging the bald one." 搞笑文。

Again by malchik

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:1700)

Harry wakes up from his coma and sees Eggsy watching over him.


I Could Have Danced All Night by venvephe

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:820)

The waltz is, generally, not very high on the list of sexual dances.

Sensual, on the other hand, may be a better descriptor.

Harry realizes that too late.


Don't Forget the Glasses by ecb123

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:minor OMC 字数:2045)

It had not started out as an attempt to spy on Eggsy while he was off-duty. At least not until Merlin realised that Eggsy had no idea his Kingsman glasses were still in his coat pocket.

Eggsy和友人私下聊天全部被听到了——包括Harry。(smug!Harry is the best!)

Don't Know Its Destination by Morbane

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:无 字数:972)

Quick scene based on Kaciart's art of Eggsy & Harry & train tracks. (Seriously, check out the art!)


When You Are On Vacation And Something Happens by j_gabrielle

(分级:General Audience 警告:Established Relationship 字数:472)

"Hey." He tilts Harry to face him by the chin, grinning. "You got nothing to worry about. No one's gonna notice you when they'll be too busy flirting with me.”

Harry smiles."This gentleman will do his best.”


Don't forget your flash by Lumoa

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:AU 字数:1362)

Based off the prompt "My friend thought you were cute so she tried to take a picture of you for snapchat and her flash went off but when you looked our way she shoved her phone into my hands and nOW YOU THINK IT'S ME AND OH GOD PLS DON'T BE MAD" AU.

Otherwise known as: Roxy forgets to turn off her flash when taking a photo of a really good looking guy and Eggsy is the only one around to pin it on. Everything works out pretty well though.

AU. 在酒吧里Roxy偷拍了一张Harry但是忘了关闪光灯——现在Harry往他们这桌走过来了……

****************** Warning! Major Character Death ****************** 


Pleasant dreams by was_adamant 

(分级:Mature 警告:Angst 字数:645)

Eggsy fucking Unwin knows he has 'daddy issues,' alright?


Snow by sweetHart

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:Psychological Trauma, Mental Instability 字数:2397)

Harry's stance is as elegant and his voice as humble as ever.

“May I say, dear boy... you look rather unwell this evening.”

Now, he knows he isn't looking his best at the moment, but hearing it from a literal dead person is not among the list of things Eggsy has ever considered would happen to him.




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